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Travel Jewelry

Monday July 08, 2013

Dilemma: you want to leave your diamonds at home while on vacation, but you feel naked without jewelry - especially your wedding ring.  Luckily, there is a solution that will not only give you peace of mind but will also demonstrate that you still have amazing fashion sense while relaxing on the beach with a margarita. 

Travel jewelry.

Many fashion lines have pieces that fit nicely in a comfortable price range for travelers.  Take the new silver and platinum line Lafonn for example.  Lafonn has become one of the best-selling jewelry lines in the industry among powerhouses like Pandora and Rolex.

The high-end designs that comprise the line along with the hand-set simulated diamonds make Lafonn desirable to ladies unwilling to compromise on quality for the sake of not breaking the pocketbook.  The bridal designs are so impressive, wedding rings are left at home without hesitation.  And those diamond studs can be left in the safe; Lafonn has simulated diamond stud replacements starting at $65.  


And though the fun of your vacation will eventually come to an end, your travel jewelry does not have to be stocked away.  Make choices in your vacation pieces that you will love to wear after returning from your getaways.


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