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Meet Our Designers

Each of our custom pieces is handmade by our skilled designers at Doland, each with their own philosophies and design aesthetic to help you create your perfect piece. We want to help you learn more about the faces (and personalities) behind those hard-working hands!

Blaise Vrotsos

Design Style

Contemporary design with old-world stone settings.

Favorite Stone or Material to Work With

Colored stones and diamonds.

Meet Blaise Vrotsos

Brian Fanning

Design Style

Mostly contemporary style, but it can depend on the day.

Favorite Stone or Material to Work With

The gemstone tourmaline is probably the gem I've worked...

Meet Brian Fanning

Christine Reavell

Design Style

I feel like my style changes with my mood and with the needs of my clients. It also evolves with the skill level of my goldsmith abilities.

Favorite Stone or Material to Work With...

Meet Christine Reavell

Crystal Doland

Design Style

Feminine. I like to take a bold statement stone and make it seem dainty and feminine, even if it is a bigger piece. My favorite era for jewelry is the Victorian era. It was a time of highly detailed and ornate designs....

Meet Crystal Doland

Will Doland

Design Style

I tend to lean toward free-form, asymmetrical designs.  Depending on the day my designs can be angular or curvy.

Favorite Stone or Material to Work With...

Meet Will Doland

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Lab Grown Diamonds at Doland Jewelers

Lab Grown Diamonds

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